Access all 558.9 million owl:sameAs statements in the LOD Cloud

You can browse these statements online using our Web Service (Triple Patterns), query these statements using the Sage Javascript (SPARQL), or download this dataset (3.28GB HDT file)

Download all 48.9 million equivalence classes after transitive closure

Each row in this file represents an equivalence class (3.76GB file). The first column contains the ID of the class, and each other column contains one RDF term in this class, representing the implictly identical terms

Browse schema assertions about owl:sameAs

There are 2,773 assertions about owl:sameAs extracted from the LOD Cloud that extend the schema as defined in the OWL vocabulary in "interesting" ways

Download the error degree of each owl:sameAs statement

An error degree between 0 and 1 is computed for each owl:sameAs statement based on the community structure of the sameAs network (approach). Each row in this TSV file (3.8 GB) represents one sameAs statement, with the following seven columns: term1 | term2 | error degree | weight (2 if symmetric link, 1 if not) | equivalence class ID | number of sameAs between the terms in this equivalence class | community(ies) ID(s) in which these terms belong.

Inter-namespace owl:sameAs links / Communities of Obama Eq. Class

First link shows all inter-namespace sameAs links in the LOD cloud, where thicker edges represent more identity links. Second link shows the community structure of former US president Barack Obama, after applying the Louvain algorithm. There is 440 RDF terms in this cluster, which theoretically should refer to the same thing.

MetaLink: 556M Reified owl:sameAs with their closure and metadata

Dataset that contains metadata for 556M owl:sameAs links that are crawled from the LOD Cloud. MetaLink encodes a previously published error metric for each of these links (approach). A figure describing the vocabulary of the MetaLink dataset can be found here.